spot9 makes a statement about message on Telegram

Statement Regarding Telegram Comment on 25.08.2019

Within spot9’s Telegram community, Johannes Gorski, CEO of spot9 GmbH, provided the following statement: “We push BaFin and our legal department to remove all crypto in Germany they are not working in a legal and compliant way.”

spot9 is not an opponent of innovation; however, we value the importance of compliance with legal foundations. Mr. Gorski’s comment was part of a heated debate with a direct competitor within the channel. We have not taken any legal action so far and we have no plans to do so.

Johannes Gorski and spot9 regret to have agitated the crypto community. We are convinced cryptocurrencies will change the world and we want to bring cryptocurrencies and digital assets to the public by providing easy, legal and secure access to Crypto-ATMs.

To give other established and also young companies in Europe the opportunity to roll out legally compliant Crypto ATMs in Germany, spot9 will offer a whitelabel solution (in partnership with Sutor Bank).

In addition to Crypto ATMs, spot9 is working on a unique and innovative mobile banking application. We are developing products and services that will make daily banking, payments and the handling of digital currencies simpler to use.

For interviews and background information on spot9, our CMO would be delighted to speak to you.

Tim Alexander SötherChief Marketing Officer


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