SpaceX Says 12,000 Satellites Isn’t Enough, So It Might Launch Another 30,000

Google appears to be removing apps that have donation links, including open- apps where donations are one of the main s of revenue. WireGuard, a free and open- VPN, has been reportedly dropped over this according to WireGuard lead developer Jason Donenfeld. Phoronix reports: After waiting days for Google to review the latest version of their secure VPN tunnel application, it was approved and then removed and delisted — including older versions of WireGuard. The reversal comes on the basis of violating their “payments policy.” The only bit of possible “payments” within the WireGuard app is a donation link within the program taking the user to the WireGuard website should anyone want to donate to support this promising open- secure networking tech. An appeal to the situation was also rejected by Google, Donenfeld has confirmed this morning on their mailing list. In trying to make it back into Android’s Play Store, Jason has dropped the donation link from the Android app version while it’s still awaiting review from Google.