Best Quality Bullet Proof Vest Because It Is Where Life & Death Matters

One can choose to go with a bullet proof vest as well as jacket which can be. stabproof vest works best in terms of the one in terms of offering the protection to offer the best protection within certain waste. One can choose to go with the best models that can be featured in with the idea of stopping various kinds of blade spike knife. They can also offer the front and back protection with the sides and shoulders with Velcro straps and offer the standard sizes. The materials that are used are the protecting inserts work with the flexible metallic strike panels which is backed with a non vegan type of failure it can also go with the thickness of minus five millimetre.

The best quality jackets

It can be also offered with jackets like oxford, nylon fabric and the style of the colour of the jacket can be also designed in the custom manner which is possible. It can go with the colours like grey blue white, green camouflage black and many others.

You can also work in the form of concealed stab as well as bullet production type of the series they can be the featuring ones in terms of stopping sub bullets as well as various kinds of blades, spike and knife. It can offer complete front as well as back protection. They are accessible by the sites and also the shoulders. There are also front and back pockets, which can be used with the insert plates, in order to go with the operation to the protection level.

Getting the best protection with the materials

Some of the consulates, tabs will split proof type of dual protection faced series can be also offered with dual protection materials. They can be working with flexible metallic strike panel which is also backed with the laminated sheets. They can be also offering the protection for ten to fifteen millimetres of thickness. They can go with the jacket materials of nylon fabric cotton as well as oxford.

The style and also the color of the jackets can be also custom designed in order to suit to the wearer. This is the material which can make it a comfortable one. It can stop soft bullets blade knife as well as spike.

Threats varies but protection remains the same

The armour is defined to protect the body inside from different kind of threats whether it is from any high pointed sharp knife or a chopper or butcher knife that can stab one to death. The light weight highly resistive plate embedded inside the jacket is destined to protect the visceral organs & important parts from all these attacks.

Coming to the bullets, the jacket has been tested in laboratories for years against bullets of different sizes, calibres being fired on them from different positions & distances.


It can also go with the specification of the outer wear step proof bullet proof as well as dual protection materials. They can be also the ones in terms of council vests which can work with corresponding material.