How much is Las Vegas city break?

Las Vegas is not without reason considered a casino city, although not only gamblers go there. We suggest finding out what interesting places you can see in Las Vegas and how much it will cost.
A popular lending service has told about the most interesting places of the popular city and the budget of the trip.

On average, flights from Ukraine to Las Vegas cost from $ 1,500 for two in both directions. From Kiev you can fly with several transfers: for example, in Amsterdam and Minneapolis. You can also fly along the route Kiev-Paris-Los Angeles and pay $ 1,250 for each (considering that you bought tickets two weeks before the trip). Rent a car in the US on average costs from $ 30 per day with full insurance. Gasoline in America is cheaper than in Ukraine: a gallon – 3.7 liters – costs about 3 dollars in California and up to two and a half in Nevada. The route is 450 km from Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes 4 hours.

Device and transport

Most tourists stop in the Las Vegas Strip, where it is quite comfortable to walk. It is here that copies of the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Egyptian pyramid, the famous Bellagio, Caesars Palace and The Mirage hotels, shopping centers (for example, The Venetian) and crowds of people are located here. And all these entertainments are concentrated on one boulevard.
In Vegas, as in all America, Uber and Lift work perfectly. There is an opportunity to share the cost of the trip with other passengers. The price of a trip around the city is on average $ 10.


In Las Vegas, surprisingly, cheap hotels. For a room in a five-star hotel you can pay up to $ 150 per night, which is quite strange for America (for the price in California, you most often live in a motel). All large hotels are equipped equally: on the first floors the huge casino, bars, restaurants, clubs, shops and souvenir shops are concentrated. All this works round the clock and is organized in such a way that the territory of the hotel was not necessary to leave. But it’s hard to stay in the city for longer than a few days.

Being on the west coast of America, any local lover of burgers will direct you to the legendary fast food chain In’n’Out. Lunch for two here will cost about 15 dollars (two burgers, two servings of potatoes and two drinks). And it really is worth it.
It is worth paying attention to Whole Foods – one of the most popular supermarket chains in America, specializing in organic products: ready salad costs an average of $ 8, and for 12 you can buy rice with seafood.
In Las Vegas, there are many restaurants of famous chefs – for example, Gordon Ramsey. Dinner with wine in one of its restaurants will cost from $ 70 for two. And an important point: in America, traditionally leave 20% of the tip.
A half-liter bottle of water in supermarkets costs no more than $ 1.

The cultural program
The main entertainment in Las Vegas for almost 80 years is the casino. Bets start from a few dollars to a few hundred. And if you play in a casino – cocktails and beer you carry free.
In Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil plays every day. The most famous show is About Show, where part of the action takes place in the water and under water. The price of tickets for performances of the circus starts from 70 dollars and up to 250.
There are no decent galleries in Las Vegas: only Bellagio hotel brings small, but good expositions of American museums. Also there you can find dancing fountains, which include daily around noon. This is one of the few free entertainment in the city.
Another Vegas famous for the format of fast weddings. It is enough to come to the Marriage Bureau, get a license (70 dollars) and go with her to any of the hundreds of chapels to celebrate the wedding. If you are already married – you do not need a license, go straight to the chapel.
If you like shopping, then you should pay attention to such shopping centers as Las Vegas North Premium Outlets and Las Vegas South Premium Outlets.
It should be added that you should not stay in Las Vegas for a long time, because in a few hours drive from the city are located amazing canyons and national parks (Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Zion National Park and others).
The total budget for 7 days: 4 thousand dollars for two. It can be easily done applying for an Installment loan ranging from $1000 to $5000 without any guarantor or collateral 100% online and free.

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