Popular destinations chosen by Americans.

With the current low dollar rate and tightening of passport control, it would seem that Americans should travel less abroad. But according to official data, about 63.7 million US citizens traveled abroad in 2006, which is 5% more than in 2005. During the same period, the dollar lost 11% compared to the euro. Still the conditions on taking a Payday, Installment or Personal loan are the safe. Have financial problems which don’t let you travel? Apply for cash advance online. It’s quick, safe and easy!

The list of the most visited countries, compiled by the Department of Tourism (OTTI), says: for many years, Americans still travel to France and Italy, which are in the top ten, but there are also changes in the preferences of Americans .
The list covers countries from Korea and Ireland to the Bahamas. The East became more frequented by the inhabitants of America. China came in the top ten, although in 2000 it was in 16th place.
India and the Netherlands share 12th place, in each of these countries comes about 1 million American tourists.

“Americans feel at home in the UK,” says Harry Barclay, director of the travel agency. “The demand for tours to the UK has grown more than ever. The feeling is that although you went somewhere else, you are also at home. ”

There are also unexpected discoveries, for example, Jamaica and Germany occupy the 6th place in the list, each with 1.7 million visitors from America. The demand for Jamaica can be explained by the fact that this is an English-speaking country, but at the same time it retains a “mystical spirit”. The visit to Jamaica has grown by 25% compared to 2005 and by 90% compared to 2000.

“You can say that the Americans have become big adventurers, even in” native “English-speaking countries, they began to travel to previously unrequited places. For example, in the UK tours to Scotland, Wales, to the southwest and north of England have become popular. ”
You may wonder how the residents of America can afford to travel so much. The answer is easy. They are not afraid to borrow money.

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