How much tourists of different countries spend on travelling.

In this world, a lot of attractions – from the Grand Canyon in the US to the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and the Great Wall of China. And the more money tourists are willing to spend, the better for the economy of the country they are going to visit. Lending service is available for those who have itchy feet to go somewhere right now. Giving them money the lenders contribute to the country’s economy. has found the top 5 countries in terms of tourist spending are as follows:

The leader of the rating is the US – it receives $ 220.1 billion a year from tourists. This is a large and diverse country – there are both megacities (New York or San Francisco) and cultural and historical centers – New Orleans or Washington. Tourists can soak up the sun on the beaches of Southern California, feel the madness of Vegas, the carefreeness of Oregon, get to know the wild nature of Alaska or the music of Nashville.

France with the big margin has received the second place – its incomes make $ 66,8 billion a year. The most popular destinations here are Paris, the wine regions of Champagne and Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Nice.

Spain is not so far behind. It was in third place, receiving $ 65.1 billion. The largest country on the Iberian Peninsula knows what to attract tourists. And this is not only Ibiza or Seville. Travelers should pay attention to the architecture of Barcelona, the restlessness of Madrid and many other interesting sights. Among them, for example, are objects in the Moorish style and castles in the south of the country.

The fourth place was taken by Great Britain – its annual income is $ 62.8 billion. Here tourists can explore the mountains in Scotland or appreciate the taste of whiskey, succumb to the call of London or go to Wales. Find the reason for visiting the homeland of Beatles and Shakespeare is not very difficult.

Closes the top five leaders China – in this country, tourists leave $ 56.9 billion annually. Perhaps this is the most unexpected discovery of this rating. In China, not only live the largest population in the world and one of the strongest economies, it is also a tourist mecca. Every year millions of travelers from nearby Asian countries come here – South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Mongolia. In addition, this direction is popular in the US and Russia.

Ukraine in this list can not boast of the leading positions – its income from tourists is $ 2.3 billion. Similar figures can be seen in Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Jamaica or Cuba. Tanzania earns less than $ 2 billion a year. also calculated how much people spend each year on their travels. So, the most money in other countries is left by the Chinese ($ 164.9 billion), Americans ($ 145.7 billion), the Germans ($ 106.6 billion), the British ($ 79.9 billion) and the French ($ 59.4 billion) ). And this time the list looks quite natural – the richer the state, the more opportunities for its citizens.

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