Americans travelling and spending habits don’t change.

Summer – the time of holidays and the time of statistical analyzes relating to holidays. The company American Express, which year after year tracks the costs and savings of US residents, before the start of the summer season-2016 reported: 80% of Americans are going to travel. On average, each of us plans to spend $ 941 on summer trips.

Americans rest and spend as they used to
The vast majority intend to limit their trips to the territory of the United States, and only 15% will go to more distant, overseas regions. Approximately this proportion between “home” and “overseas” is observed in America always. However, in recent years, other habits of Americans about spending money have changed little.

Most travelers are set to travel “millennials” – the so-called in America of young people born between 1980 and 2000. Of this age category, 89% in the summer of 2016 will go on long or not so distant trips. Only 11% of young people will remain at home.

Where are the Americans going in the summer of 2016? According to Claire Bennett, executive vice president of American Express Travel, “most of all, as always, trips are associated with beach holidays, but there are different options for recreation in nature, visiting national parks, museums and memorable places.”

American Holidays

Residents of the US rest a little, but intensely. It’s not enough for the simple reason that the average working American has a rest for 14 days a year, while in Europe no one is resting less than four weeks, and many have five, and even six weeks of rest. (It is not without reason that the Europeans work to live, and Americans live to work). Most Americans take no more than eight days in the summer, leaving a few days for the period of Christmas and New Year or for another period of time. 64% of Americans use for weekend trips (it is clear that such two-day trips can not be distant). Most of all (35%) is used for trips to the Independence Day weekend, followed by Memorial Day (24%) and Labor Day (21%).

A study by American Express showed that summer vacation with a view to the beach is chosen by 40% of travelers this year. At 34% the purpose of the trip is to see relatives and friends. Hiking, bicycle tours and other outlets or trips to nature have a specific weight of 21% this year.

At the same time 78% of traveling Americans are interested (in passing with tourism or trips to relatives) in visiting various attractions and, in particular, national parks, among which in the first place – Yellowstone, on the second, with a small margin – the Grand Canyon, on the third – The Statue of Liberty.

Here is another interesting statistics, which leads the American Automobile Association (AAA). First, one in three of those traveling this summer will travel with family members. Secondly, 69% of respondents are going to travel by car – which is promoted by low prices for gasoline. According to the AAA, American motorists will save $ 12 billion on fuel this season compared to last year.

Further, sea and river cruises are seduced by 19% of survey participants. This is not so small, but it could be much more if there were not frequent cases of breakage of cruise ships in the middle of the ocean – with all the consequences, in the most direct sense of the word, the consequences – and mass diseases of infectious diseases on board.

The AAA statistics confirm that the main priority for Americans is visiting national parks, Disneyland theme parks and other facilities that provide entertainment and an expansion of horizons.

How we pay for it

Summer travels turn out to be quite expensive for US residents, and, according to sociological studies, Americans are ready for this. Approximately 75% of the participants in the survey, conducted by American Express, specifically put aside the money for summer vacation (in 2015, there were 81%). The vast majority of Americans – 91% – are planning to save money when planning a vacation: if you can not fly by plane, – go by car; search through the Internet for “special offers”, sales of trips; shorten their time at the resort, etc.

Americans also plan their vacation trips more and more in advance. Almost half – 46% – of the respondents said that they began to plan their trip more than a month (in 2015, there were 37%). Studying various opportunities through the Internet, every traveling American on average visits six websites. Those who haven’t saved enough but can’t wait apply for online loans at Compacom website. There’s a variety of them including $100 – $1000 Payday loans, $1000 – $5000 Installment loans and $5000 – $15000 Personal loans. All of them are safe, easy and quick.



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